Robert Finnen

Through experiments in screen print Finnen has been developing the Coarse Fishing series. Using fish found in fresh water in and around the canals of Manchester Rob has built up a shoal of prints to visualise our freshwater friends.

Rob is graduating this year in BA Graphic Design from the illustration pathway. Having wet his appetite with the aquatic kind he has now moved on to our four legged friends, building a strong portfolio of work depicting the mighty greyhound.

www.robfinnen.comPhoto-DF1043CA-4F97-4A7C-A11D-9D949894A05B-20130515-160308-2048 Photo-612E9F27-39A0-426D-9191-B03E60FCE884-20130522-164147-2048 Photo-B9EE8533-24AF-4FA3-84A1-A0361F3BFF9E-20121105-161237-2048 Photo-AA12AAD4-E701-429F-B1DA-FC04D6D5A4EE-20121105-161403-2048 Photo-C21E083C-2C57-49A4-BB2C-9D27F70405CE-20121105-161243-2048 Photo-1C973400-9A7C-4B36-8CD6-67E13C386ED3-20121105-160339-2048 Photo-6883F6F7-3CFC-48FE-A35F-4E2650E25C6F-20121105-161441-2048